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Long time, no update. Rather frustratingly, I can see that all my pictures have disappeared from the site. I host them through my Facebook page as it's free and there's no limit to how many times they can be viewed. The problem is that occasionally Facebook change their layout. So while my Facebook page still has all my photos, the individual urls have been changed. So all you get here are broken links. I'll go back through the thread and sort them soon though.

I really should get a proper photo account somewhere but I'm really just to cheap to pay for these things!

On the licence front; I did pass my Mod 1 exam. When trying to get the second and final part booked the first available slot that was convenient for me and my instructor was towards the end of November. I decided I'd wait til spring because the weather will suck. The Mod 1 lasts for 2 years before I have to re-sit. Not that I'll be delaying it that long mind you.


Today was the first time I've been on the bike for a while. October and November here are not exactly ideal for biking and most bikes are in hibernation. Started a new job a few weeks back as well which means that even on nice days I haven't had much of a chance.

The lack of bike action has seen me spending more time on this site than usual looking at everyone's photos and whatnot so I decided that as long as the weather today wasn't awful I'd get out for at least a short while. It's likely to be the last ride I get til spring.

The journey to my new job takes me over the Kincardine Bridge every day. This was a bridge built when men were men and bridges were big and made of iron. It's only a 20 minute ride away and as it was raining I decided that was far enough.

Construction on the bridge ended in 1936. It crosses the Forth River just like the other bridge that I'm fond of taking pictures of. It's a swing bridge but no longer gets 'swung' because bigger ships don't get as far up the river anymore. They only need to go as far as Grangemouth which sits right between this bridge and the ones at Queensferry. The bridge might have been built when men were men but it was also built before cars were the primary mode of transport in Britain. Congestion was terrible until the second bridge was opened a few years back. It used to take my aunt about 45 mins to cross the bridge when heading to her work in the morning. I'm over it in 30 seconds.

Finding a place to take photos of the bridge is a bloody nightmare. The south bank is just a mud flat so is no use. There are a few viewing areas (specifically for the bridge, with info boards and everything!) on the north bank but they've all been fenced off for whatever reason. So most of the photos I have are taken with the camera sticking through a gap in the fence.

Kincardine Bridge:

Here's the view from the other bridge. You can see Grangemouth Oil Refinery in the background. It was taking these pictures that Irishrover63 from these very forums drove past me. First I knew about it was when I received a PM checking if it was me he'd seen!

Here are 2 boats. One is in considerably better shape than the other.

And here is the Clackmannanshire Bridge. Compared to the beautiful industrial lines of the Kincardine Bridge, this is nothing but a road on some poles. You might not even be able to see the bridge here as it blends in with the grey sky.

I decided that maybe the beauty of the newer bridge would be captured if rather than simply photograph it, I tried to paint it.


Anyway I have about a hundred picture urls to amend in this thread so I'll get on with that.
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