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White Rim Trail....

So after a gooood night of burning the Kind with our new found friends Alex and I decide to go ride the WRT. Esther isn't quite feeling up to the challenge yet sooo we plan to camp on the Trail, eat some Fungus and see what the canyon Spirits have to teach us.
We'll just hook up with Esther again somewhere in town when we return, aalll gooood.

Most people including a group we met at Freds (Arrowhead Motorsports a good friend of mine) tell us not to ride it fully loaded.... well I don't think they know Al and I that well, hahaha we push the envelope waaaay past where most folks stop and we both know our MAAAD skills will pull us through! Mad like hatters that is.
Back at Camp we meet Gaila and Tad on there GS's who have put most everything they haven't sold into storage and are riding all over North America this summer! Excellent we share the Nomadic bug with them foooo suuure!

Here's a link... Goood stuff!

Tad says he'd like to ride some of the WRT with us after we tell him of our plans... sooo off we three go toward the Potlatch Rd which will catch the WRT a bit after the begining to avoiding paying entry fees up top.

On the Potlatch road I see this coool Rainbow Alligator in the sky...

Getting hungry?

Also the Iridescent Mineral pools are far out.... along with the perfect skies that will blanket us all this daylong.

We pull over to discuss the AMAZINGNESS of this awesome day and I just soak it up. Though Alex isn't feeling sooo sparky today for some reason... kinda ominous feelings moving through him?


I pull out ahead of the group and just RIP down a straight much like this one... listening to the Waaaahaaaaa of my 705 thumper turning about 6,200rpm. Doing waaay over 70 as I just revel in the moment.

Then at the end of the straight what do I see but a sudden right hander... oh shit!!! I stand up on the pegs, grabbing all the front and rear brake I can, using all my effort to get her slowed down as she does a controlled, somewhat uncontrolled brake slide without a complete lowside over the edge and into this Abiss.

I stop there for a moment listening for the guys....... nothing.... listen.... nothing, hmmm ok maybe Al's burning a fatty and will be mellowed out a bit? Actually you can bet your azz he's burning one! Anyway I'll go ahead on up to the next intersection and pull over. I can't help but to think I should go back and wait there to warn of the turn, I keep riding on questioning my decision, yet figuring we all have to be aware of Ol' man Death who's always chasing us sometimes from behind, sometimes ahead of us,waiting around almost each and every turn. Including this one.
I get to the Potlatch Road and pull over...

I take in the views and wait.....

And wait a bit more.....

Noticing this amazing rainbow I wait even more...

After what seems like forever I decide to start riding back. I have a gut feeling one of them came into that turn as hot as I did!(
At about that time I see Al coming up the draw so I turn back around on the trail as he pulls up.

Still wearing half a smile on his mug.... he tells of hearing me roar down that straight and then doing that same thing... cept at the end he couldn't shave off enough speed and actually had to pull a first time for him on purpose lowside bail off to keep from going over the same edge and down into the ravine!
He had to pull Janis (his bikes new name suggested by Gaila back at camp,quite fitting I might add!) from slightly over the embankment back onto the road. Both hands and wrist took bad hits as did his leg, arm and Janis herself. A bit of tweaking was in order to get her road worthy again... he was hurt'n PRETTY bad but when I ask if he wanted to go back to Moab, he said HELL NO! Soooo off we go with me saying silent prayers to Mother Earth and Father Spirit to give him some of my healing energy, I know he's gonna need it before this 180+mi day is done. I make a mental note that we may or maaay not be camping out on the Rim tonight... I don't know how bad his injuries really are and I better keep an eye out for who knows what.


See the Ol' man in the clouds watching over us.....?

At first he's hanging back a bit... as you would suspect, his body and mind still reeling I'm sure. I had given him a pair of super tough armored leather gloves just before this ride and thank goodness because even with them, his hands were HAMMERED! Testiment to his toughness he's still motoring on!

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