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Magical place.....................

On and on we ride.....

We decide to descend into Lathrup Canyon and to the Colorado river to cool off abit... it's been well into the lower 100's since hitting the region.

It's a bit of sandy wash getting to the bottom and Al is fighting it a bit being a bit being pissed off and using his Shinko 705 80/20 tires still aired up to Hwy pressure because he's feeling stubborn, you dumb azz buddy! You can see Janis is deff a bit tweaked as she's parked down on the river.

I find shade for Desiree' and strippdown to soak my shirt and neck gaiter in the river, for at least a little respite back up on the Rim.

Up comes a Tour boat to use the Job Johnny... just as I was heading that way myself LOL! Talk about a HOT dump in a 130deg outhouse.... things ya gotta do.

I pull over in the shade to wait again... it's gonna be one of those days where the Universe is trying to teach you a thing or two for Alex.

We find many arroyos with high cliff walls to pull over and gaze into the distance from...

We find this cool little hump and get a couple pics of each other...

Alex starts to feeling stronger and goes ahead of me for a while....

I about lose it here on Murphys Hogback as I get too much air off a drainage ditch and the rebound almost sends me over the edge.
I somehow case the far side just before it flattens out again, too much speed... but not enough at the same time.

Ol' Parepin has crashed a few times in the sandy stuff today but keeps forging on, he's a tough fukker... getting a bit more pissed each time though I might add.

I notice how this rocks shape and the surrounding dried mud match... pretty cool.

Just South of Candlestick Tower....

I come upon our Heroes Janis and Alex with a $hit load of F-Bombs and sand flying everywhere.... then a primal SCREAM!!!
No $hit it WAS LOUD and it was PRIMAL...
When it all cleared up, I see that Janis had tucked on him again...

Daaammn... I'm thinking he might juuust wanna relax a bit and go with the flow. As we get near the Green River and down onto the moondust fields I come upon him sitting next to a napping Janis in a rutted out moondust section... no strength to pick her up again. It's the first time I've ever seen him be so squirelly, he's usually the calmer rider of us two. I rode her to the end of it, until he could feel his hands again. That initial crash had taken a huge chunk of energy out of him, the soft sections just kept pecking away at him little by little all day long.
Was just one of those days for him... he started out not feeling real good jooojoo and it kept going further south.

The start of one of the sections....

The moondust hides the under dust features alot like riding in water, invisible until you hit them. I didn't have the nerve to take a pic of him sitting next to the downed bike... it was just too serious a moment, I thought it maaay be REALLY baaad since he was just sitting there, not moving much at all.

He shakes it off and we move on again...

Somewhere down here is the worst sand of the whole WRT... I get really into it and cut off trail to my right riding Desiree' like ya ride a snowmobile or jet-ski. It's all gooood as I power through the sand at the top of second gear.... I haven't crashed yet today and see no reason to start now. LOL YEEEAAAA right..... I come to the end of the big wash which is probably 80-100yds long by 40-60 yrds wide, and as it narrows back up to just the two rutted tracks I end up flying off about the 4ft embankment and land at a 45deg angle smack dab on the tracks.... CRASH! Ooookay guess I was due.... straighten $hit up and get all the sand out from under the throttle tube etc... then ride on.

I think these happy campers saw the whole thing, since when I crashed I looked up I could them above me. It was just to the right of the big tree you see that is right above their heads.

We pull off to cool off and... regroup down on the Green....

Soon we start to roll out from under the Sun and the reflection from the Full Moon envelopes us....

Having decided to forgo the Fungus/Spiritual experience today -do to... well you know- we head for some stealth camping near Kane Creek. As we head up another Canyon looking for a likely spot I come across Alex stopped in the road again, hmmm...

"I just hit a deer!" WHAT! You OK? How 'bout the bike?
"All good" he say's... okay then how about the deer?
So I pull off and start to look around....... I find her, a young Doe lying in the dry grass next to a decent sized tree. She's bleeding lightly from a scuff but can't stand and obviously in shock. As I feel around her, trying to sense the degree of her damage, her Momma Bleats repeatedly for me to get away from her....

She remains calm a small portion of the time... but when I put all my concentration on her to heal any and all her wounds she goes about berserk and flails to get up! Aaaaah FUKC man!
I keep stroking her course fur and whisper to her that it will all be alright... it's ok honey.

I try to heal her some more as I have healed myself from severe stuff before. But try as I might she just goes crazy everytime I put my energy into her :( I obviously haven't taken near enough time to master the gift of healing... and try not to question my faith that I can do so, as I keep trying to mend her broken little body.
I quietly weep under my breath and weigh the options.
I have a large sharp Gerber blade, that I use as a multi tool to split firewood and as a hammer etc... I can put her out of her misery!?!?!
I think of letting nature run her course... but she will suffer long and hard I believe before she expires and the coyotes consume her flesh. I pray/meditate and come to the realization that our manmade mechanical wonders that we've enjoyed ripping around on this day caused this, our need to get somewhere at a much faster pace than walking, so as not to be inconvenienced by the slower pace of a more natural time frame, had caused this. It was up to me to end her suffering now.

I went back to the bike, got the knife unsheathed... and while I lovingly spoke to her, gave her all of the love I had, and prayed to the Great Deer Spirit to help ease her pain... I cut her jugular as cleanly as I could. This so that she would simply bleed out... as painlessly as possible, until the lack of oxygen would cause her to basically go to sleep.

Alex was in a bit of a... I don't know exactly.
Was I was a bit mad? Hurt? Sad? Glad for him? Hurting for her? All and none of the above... I just told him it was alright now and after kneeling for another prayer, we rode on.

Up the canyon a piece where it had turned back to dirt we simply pulled over and threw our bags down next to the bikes.
Though it was NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING... we didn't care!
Enough for one day... As I lay out there, under the stars that night, looking through a sagebrush's limbs at the full Moon I told him the Universe might be trying to tell him something today... Slooow down maan... your outta control.

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