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This is the first time I've had internet access and wanted to make sure everyone back home knew I was OK, so a mass e-mail went out and I set off for the day.
Looks like it's going to rain.

I find a taco stand on the side of the road in Cativina and take in the local cuisine.

I love Mexican food, I might be wrong on this, but the road side stands seem to be the best.

Then water the thirsty beast.

Take the turn off to Coco's Corner at El Pedregoso and look who I find.

Ironically they where wondering if they'd see me again about the time they see this lone rider making his way down the road. They're happy to hear that I haven't had any more mishaps and let me know that Coco is home.

Pulling into Coco's, he and his friend are starting to work on a quad that was given to him. They ask "do I know anything about these things?".
"Sure, let me get my tools"
Coco " Where are you going?"
Me "Cabo then to Mainland"
Coco "Your going the wrong way"
Me "I know, I came down here to see you"
Coco looks surprised and gets a big smile on his face.
A short time later the quad is torn down and put back together, but this time it's running. Just a dirty carb. I stayed for a beer and he tries to get me to stay and work on another, but I decline. It's time to get moving again.

The happy Coco

On my way back out the winds are getting strong, not that a picture tells that story.

I head back to the highway to find the gloomy skies are still on this side of the peninsula.

I'm still new to the GPS thing, but feel I'm learning quick, but not quick enough as I past up one of my way points by 30 miles. I debate on whether or not to go back and ultimately decide to return. You never know when you'll be back in the area.
So I head back.

It's hard to be impressed when time has taken over to the extreme and now you've traveled 60 miles. 30 one way and then 30 back.

The only standing building, but also in bad shape.

I watch the GPS closely as to not miss the next way point and make the turn off to Mission Borja. A very rutted up road that doesn't seem like it gets much traffic, I wonder if this will be in ruins as well.

This is incredible.
Warning, Lots of pics.

I walk around the outside.

A lady comes walking across the property and with a hand gesture invites me in and gives me a tour.

I told you there'd be photos.

The 250 years of wear.

Their feet most have been smaller back then.

The original mission

This is what I was looking for, I love exploring stuff like this. I drop some money in the donation box and start to get ready to leave when the lady who gave me the tour looks at me and says "Vaya con Dios".
I almost laughed after a long pause.
I had always thought if anyone said that to me it would be a sombrero wearing hombre with a big bushy mustache and shiny pistols strapped to his sides.
I leave and the excitement level I carry now is about to explode.
One happy Booger

My plan is to now go to Guerrero Negra for the night, but I run into some guys prerunning for the race and tell me not much too see there and say I should go on to San Ignacio and tell me where to get a room. I'm concerned about the distance in relation to the sun sinking. They say I should be fine. So against my better judgment, I head to San Ignacio.
I'm running close to 100mph and it gets dark, and still no lights to be seen in the distance.
I finally pull into town around 9:00, find the hotel they recommended, but I feel that's too much. I head back out to the main road and the beginning of town to Rice and Beans, for a room and food, and of course wifi to let everyone now I'm ok. It's not like me to ride into the night like that.
Maybe they were getting some kinda kick back.

This is the next morning

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