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Relocation kit

Hey guys, i have just finished experimenting with Machining a Heat Sink to surround REG/REC in its stock location. Got the Temp from 175 Degrees (shot with infra red gun to top of REG) down to 150. Not good enough, i have played with a couple different locations, and now have a Relocation Bracket, a few Rubber coated/Galvanized mounts, and can put this together, and send out in a Kit to anybody that is interested.

Shoot me a message PM wise, or use my business e-mail I will take a few Photos, and answer any questions you might have.

Latest Bracket/Relocation, i am getting a reading of 102 Degrees with the bike sitting there idling, five bars showing, fan kicked on, and drooling all over itself, all for the sake of Science, and a nice afternoon of Backcountry Riding.

I had a Higher Temperature when i was a Kid, so i would have to call this a success ???

Cheers, Mates. Mike.
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