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one more broken

Originally Posted by Mike Ryder View Post
Steptoe, sir. I am sure that you know that countless 1150 owners are now removing their valve covers in dreaded anticipation. Well done. Thank you.
I just ran out now to have a look at mine. Have you any thoughts as to what may have caused this damage? It looks to me as though that head was over heated a bit.
Great pictures.
Well, yes, I am one of those "countless 1150 owners".
I had a bad sound developing on the right side of the engine. Removed cam and - here you go, the same picture with the exception that only half of cam and one follower is broken - the exhaust side.
For the intake part all seems well. Maybe that's why the sound is not that loud compared to videos in this thread.
I wonder if it would be possible to fix the cam somehow (welding/grinding/hardening)?

Also would be interesting to find out the cause of this problem. I would rule out the wrong oil, lack of oil and prolonged change intervals. Normally I keep valve lash on "tappy-happy" side...
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