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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Note for Craneguy, got busy this week, unexpectedly, talk to you this coming week to try and sort out Oaxaca
and the transport of a few kilos of Mexico's best across a couple of state lines. Mornings are not the same anymore.
No problem. My boss spoke to the "man" at La Esperanza and he's going to hook her with distribution quantities. Price is great, and we don't expect to have trouble moving the product to the users.

I may have to give up the engineering business if this works out.

There's nothing like providing local grown shit to the numerous addicts around here. We expect it to be especially popular with BMW riders.

Before any of you call the DEA, we're talking about Coffee!

Let me know about Oaxaca. Just uploaded a new fuel map and the black bomb is running sweeeet! Need to put on some miles baby!
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