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Here's my 2 cents. I have owned a Motoport mesh kevlar jacket. Mesh material feels bulletproof and vents wonderfully...but is very bulky, uncomfortable and harsh on anything around it (almost like wearing a suit made of emery paper). I had the pleasure to try on a pair of the stretch kevlar pants this summer, thanks to Levain, and the material felt great! Soft, stretchy, and yet still kevlar.

As far as features, I would like the option of a good fitting (key here) over-pant of stretch kevlar. Simple solid colours, with some tastefully placed reflective. No stripes, banners, splashes, checkered flags, etc please.

I also agree with comments BikePilot made about armour. I like the larger, softer/comfortable armour like Aerostich uses. I have seen some of the newer high tech stuff such as Klim uses, the trouble is they are tiny and the odds of me actually landing on that postage stamp sized pad is slim to none, particularly when used in a moderately loose fitting garment. This is something that Halvarrsons have done well with the safety suit concept, as the armour is firmly planted to your body.

How about an armour system within a comfortable, moderately loose (not a potato sack Motoport style PLEASE) with armour that can be cinched to the body? Some sort of internal baffle arrangement maybe? With an easily released function for easy on and off?

So basically what I want is something that fits like my Darien pants, with an armour system like Forcefield's Pro Pants, only integrated into a single garment that can still be put on and taken off with the ease of the Dariens. Stretch Kevlar, fitted and available in Tall sizes. If it could be waterproof and breathable, that would be a bonus.

Not asking much I'd gladly pay $300 for such a garment...hopefully before spring
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