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Some video

hey can you tell me how can I publish the link of the video showing the preview ?

Despite is Sunday I woke up at 6 am. The sky is cloudy and this is normal in this days, but why should I start today ? Sunday means market and here is right beheind my Guest House. Ok today free day and let’s go to the Meo Vac market.
I’m gonig on the right side of the vacation: every day I prpare a schedule that always change. Perfect.
At 6,30 am I’m at the market

As in every market/bazar of Asia since the first moment you’re overwhelmed from sounds and colors

meat..looks fresh


sweets…mhh this remino me that it’s breakfast time

two of the england bikers of Ha Giang

Life isn’t easy for vietnamese womens. Look at this young mom: she’s breastfeeding and serving clients at the same time.

furtively I tried to take a pic of this two children, but one had seen me and she had coverei the face. Immediately I thought “ very bad pic”, but after a while I changed opinion. One of my best shot .

strange: they are selling gas and in the city there are 2 big gas station: ok it wasn’t gas , but something very similar to italian grappa, a kind of brandy distilled from wine or must. This should be distilled from rice. Vietnam is a great country, you can have an happy hour even before 8 am: I paid and they let me taste it


How time flies: is noon. Time to lunch

how many crafts you can see

I was looking for somebody able to repair my boots, and at my guest house they wrote on a slip the phrase “ I need to repair my boots” in vietnamese

I found the cobbler, but my boots are too thick for his machine

I can try to repair myself: so I bought some superglue for tires

Behind the market ther’s a place in that you can buy and sell every kind of animal

Back to the Guest House and I can notice that everibody is very busy in preparation of the brunch...ok Vietnam brunch. Remember that today is Sunday

They don’t want I help in any way: I’m the guest. Ok I can try to repair my boots: here’s the results

Now I can read my guide, write my daily diary, relax...wrong the children come around me. Ok baby sittering for food !

paper and felr-tip pen

they offered to me fresh fruit: note that even a little children in Vietnam is able to use a big knife

they didn’t know the play to paint faces on the fingers

One of the children showed me her hands: ok picture #1

we sat in the hall…20 people more or less..ok this means at least 20 rounds of drinks

this is the Guest House owner

after the brunch I helped to wash the dishes…every man was looking at me as a man from Mars: I was doing awomen job !

I relaxed for half hour ( ok I had more than 20 drinks), but the sky wasn’t bad and so I took the bike to go to visit a a little temple on the top of the hill and after I’ve driven out of the city, an the road, without a destination

finally a city: I don’t know both name and position

always pay attentino on the road in Vietnam

after some hours I was back to Meo Vac

After lunch I begin to help with dishes, but the owner grab my arm and shake his head: ok is a women job, and I seat with him in the hall. After a while, in quick succession every children walked through the hall and every children said something to the father. He answered to everyone, always interrupting to read the newspaper. Finally even the wife went through the hall and said something. I watched this man , for some minutes, smoking and reading his newspaper but after I gave to měhim a slap on the back. I showed to him one finger that means him and after 5 fingers that mean 4 children + 1 wife: he smiled and nod to me. Situation are the same all over the world: I can’t imagine The president of the USA, Barack Obama when the First Lady is angry...mhh even my brother is married but I can imagine the same situation
Now I can go to sleep..ohh no before is better to tidy up the room

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