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So I finally got some work done on the jetting. I installed the Dynojet Kit to their specs. I also finished the Innovate Motorsports tuner install. Took it out today and just ran around town, hard to get any full throttle pulls in a city but I did my best.

I recorded a couple sessions which I think are useful for some insight into what is going on. First off, bike runs 100x better than last time. No weird bogs, pulls hard from idle to redline. I would probably leave it as is but that's not the spirit.

Bear in mind I'm a complete beginner here with Air/fuel ratios etc. Here's a screen shot of some varied throttle. The pink line is the AF ratio the red is the throttle position. There is one spike where I pinned it.

It APPEARS TO ME that the bike is lean at idle, where the AFR is above 20. When it is full throttle, it looks like I am getting down into the 9's which would be a little rich.

So any advice? I might be inclined to go down one step on the mains and possibly turn the fuel screws out 1/4 turn? It was still popping on decel.
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