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Im new to the ADV scene, and have been looking into kevlar riding clothing and plan to purchase some this spring, and if you can guess, I have narrowed it down to something along the lines of Motoport or Aerostitch.

The price, although hefty, is not an issue to me when considering this type of quality riding gear. As painful as it is to drop a grand or more for a jacket and pants, I think its more than worth it if I were to ever need this equipment.

My problem is pretty much the same as a lot of people note, as dumb as it sounds, is how these clothes look and/or fit. One is just bulky and ill fitting from a lot of reviews, while the other makes you look like a power ranger. In essence, buying good quality kevlar riding gear is similar to voting for a president in the fact that you pretty much end up going with the one you dislike the least.

If you could make something with equal quality and protection as these other manufacturers, and somehow have the fit and looks be a bit "nicer" you'd have a winner in my opinion. While I can fully appreciate function over form, I would definitely choose something that has both function and form if all other factors were the same.
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