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Day 3
July 16th, 2012
Odometer: 19,455km

· Up around 7, on the road by 8.
· Grabbed a new microSD card for the Drift, and new batteries for the remote … will look at netbooks in the US.
· I went looking for wheel weights, but the only bike shop open in PG on a Monday is the HD shop. And being an HD shop, all they carry is chrome weights. So from PG through the end of the trip, my dirty dualsport has a set of shiny chrome wheel weights!! (Although I have to admit, the guys in the HD shop were very helpful, and gave me the weights for free.)
· Spent some time on the phone with the support service from the Vancouver vendor from which I bought the Drift. I changed the batteries, re-paired the remote to the device, and still no-joy. They weren’t as helpful as the folks from SPOT last year and wouldn’t forward a replacement unit without me sending in the old one. I’d either have to just use the unit manually (mount it within reach on the bike and use the controls on the camera to operate it) or just stow it and do without. I had hoped to shoot a bunch of helmet cam footage and piece it together in webisodes like my brother. Oh well … there’s always next year!
· Stopped for fuel in Fraser Lake. After fueling up, I pulled around the back to cop some shade and have some water. After a couple of minutes, one of the cashiers from the station came around the back for a smoke. After a little bit of polite small-talk, she put out her smoke and said ‘Don’t forget … be careful.” I asked her what she meant, and she told me that the stretch of Hwy 16 from Vanderhoof to Burns Lake is called the ‘Highway of Tears’ for the number of young women who have gone missing from the area. I chose to ignore that she was lumping me in with ‘young women’ and thanked her for the advice. After riding away, I noticed the number of ‘Missing Person’ billboards along the road. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.
· Decided on a short day, which still leaves a reasonable-length day tomorrow into Prince Rupert. Stayed at Sandy’s RV and Camping ‘Resort’ … a nice spot on Francois Lake, about 20minutes south of Burns Lake. Had a chance to dry-off all the camping gear that was put away wet from dew this morning.

Nice spot on the lake, away from everybody else.

Time for a swim… f-ing cold!

· Tunes: “Any Port in a Storm” – Dirty Heads; “We Are the Same” – The Tragically Hip
· Mileage: 343km (short day)
· Pipe: Executive Blend

~ If it's got a motor or tits ... expect problems! ~

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