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Originally Posted by Vicks View Post
Any error codes thrown up ?

No error codes after I downloaded the map. I ended up letting the bike charge all night and it fired up this AM. Ran the 15 minute idle trick and then took for it's first ride with the Akro map. All I can say is that I am amazed that I rode by bike for so long with the stock map. YES I AM AN IDIOT!!

The snatchy throttle has been almost eliminated compared to previous map. Definitley a rich mixture that I can smell in the more popping on decel. The 4K RPM rollon has been dramatically more stumbling. At small throttle openings (2k rpm) there is now a small hesitation, unless you accelerate hard and then you blow through it.

One new thing I noticed after my 65 mile inaugural ride...the bike stalled twice when decelerating (slowing to a stop light)...almost like the rpm's fell off to nil?

I defintiely have to ride the bike differntly with the new map. Overall I am happy it went OK. Next step fine tuning the low rpm hesitation. Any ideas? Throttle Bodies needing synched?

Thanks for the help.
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