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Just another new guy with a cable BUT Shootis sent me his file which seems to be a hybrid of sorts between the 2011 and the 2007 Stock maps with the butterflies set at no less than 25 and HOLEEE SHEEIT !!!! I love my new bike ...

The new map made my KTM seems like a different machine.. Smoooth., Not as twitchy. My wife even noticed the difference..

Doesnt seem as fast but like I said I would be glad to give up a few ponies for smooth and this is pretty dang nice.

I was at the point of possibly selling the KTM because I really didnt like the way it rode. but NOT NOW. this is how they should all run in my opinion. I only put about 60 miles on it but so far so good.

Thanks to James and everyone else that has been kind enough to share a map and inspire a newbie like me to dig a little deeper to make the 990 even better,
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