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The new tank is ready to install. I ended up having to reshape the front lip for clearance and spreading the rear to clear the frame. BY "spreading" I mean just that-- I put a scissors jack in the rear and pushed the "saddle" apart by not quite 1/8". Did the trick, ithe tank drops right in.

Two things: The interior of the tank is cherry. No rust, factory coating seems intact. I don't expect that a 40 year old factory tank liner will work well with our new Ethanol-laced gasoline, so I'm going to thoroughly clean and skuff the existing tank liner and put an ethanol-proof tank liner in.

Second item: the tank came with a /5/6 flip-top gas cap, the "fancy" locking type. No key. The height of the locking-mechanism will interfere with my tank bag, and I'd like to get non-locking latch button for it. Anyone got a dead/busted/bad /5/6 gas cap that they could rob the latch button off of? I'm just now starting to put out feelers for one.

This is the type cap I have:

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