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Day 51: 8/11/12 continued
Cranes Crossing to Christmas Valley, OR 263 miles

Here we are - bustling downtown Riley.
Oregon DOT has a camera at this intersection.
Try clicking here to see current conditions.

When we went in to pay for the gas, we were asking about Christmas Valley.
The women who work there were so nice, they didn’t know if the motel was still open,
so they tracked down the phone number and called for us.
The Desert Inn was open and had rooms available. Cool!

While he had Christmas Valley on the phone, Matt asked about the Feed Barn.
They close at 9pm.
OK. gotta get there before 9.

We thanked the women and got on the road.

I’m working on this post on the macbook, so I don’t have access my time stamped photos.
But it was after 6pm when we got on the trail...

I didn’t think we had time to do this next section, and still make it to Christmas Valley in time for pizza.
Matt said, Nah, we did it really fast last time. We’ll make it.
Uh huh.

We were about to start...

what D-Stylz calls...

“The Forever Section”

You OBDR vets might recognize this...
There aren’t many things out here other than sagebrush, but this is one of them.

This section has lots of gates. Most are poorly marked, too.

Otherwise, it’s mostly just 2 track and sagebrush.

Some sand. This was a deep spot.

Matt stopped so I could take a photo.
This rock and snakeskin also caught my eye.

Looking back at the sand.

Man, these gates were hard to see, especially with the sun going down.

At least this kind of 2 track is fast.
Not as bad as some of that Nevada TAT stuff.

We were making really good time.

Another gate.

And, another.

We shot a couple videos out here but it all kind of looks the same.

I have a short (1 minute) video, just to give you a taste of the 2 track.
In the video, we were laughing about Christmas Valley.
Last time, there was a section of road that we backtracked for.
Matt was determined to do the whole OBDR, so we went back to do it.
And then, as soon as we got going, he said, “Oh wait. Now I remember. This road is bad...”

Oh, about 18 seconds in, a little bunny runs across the road.

HD for the bunny and for the sagebrush!

So, imagine that going on for, I don’t know, 3 hours? We cut it short this time.

We stopped here so Norm could recalculate.
Matt was starting to realize that this section was longer than he remembered.
If we were going to get to the Feed Barn in time, we were gonna have to hit some slab.
(he really wanted that pizza! )

Seeing as how we were still pretty far out, it was going to be close no matter what...

Here we are. Slab.

The smoke made for a dramatic sunset.

Blurry photo, but we made it!
The Feed Barn was still open. Wooo! Pizza!

Got our order in, just in time.

Mmmmm. BBQ chicken pizza.
Too bad the sriracha was out on the bike...

Someone was happy!

Also, I didn't get photos, but Matt had gone to the store.
The Feed Barn doesn't sell beer, but they don't mind if you bring them in.
He got two 24oz cans of learning juice (as PDX A calls them, "horse cocks") and a 24oz "limearita"

The limearita was a little rough, but we mixed it with the beer and it was much better.
Well, you know. kinda.

here, I stole a pic from the internets...

We got a room at the Desert Inn.
Last time it was $36. This time it was $50.
I think they upsold us to the kitchenette version.
Oh well. I was just glad to have a shower.

So, I hear that some fancy hotels leave you a mint on the pillow.
I still have yet to see that.
Here at the Desert Inn, you get something else...

As I was getting into bed, I found this guy...

Well, at least it wasn’t a roach, right?


Sorry, light on the linkies today.
This connection just isn't fast enough to do videos.
It's painfully slow.

I do have a Mameshiba for you, though...
it's Saturday night!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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