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Originally Posted by SpeedoJosh View Post
If I picked up a bike from TradeMe, what would be required to get it street legal for me?
The bike needs a current WOF (Warrant of Fitness, a simple safety check, valid for 6 or 12 months depending on age of the bike) and rego. At the time of sale, road-registered vehicles are supposed to have a WOF issued in the last 30 days (IIRC).

If the bike does not have those at the time of sale, you could be buying trouble that could take time and money to fix; both may be in short supply during your holiday. Bikes that have never been registered could be problematic to make road legal. I hear differing opinions on how easy that is to do. Lapsed but "live" registration is easy to fix, just open your wallet. Bikes without WOFs may have expensive repairs needed - otherwise why would the seller not do the repair and sell it with a WOF?? And if a bike is not quite up to legal WOF standard at purchase, then I would think twice about taking it on something like the Dusty Butt where you are going to be away from civilisation and stressing the bike somewhat with the sustained riding.

In NZ, you do not need a road-registered enduro bike to race enduros or ride in forests. As a result, most registerable enduros are not registered: either never have been, or it's lapsed and long dead, or it never was an on-road variant to start with. Also, we get what is known as "jap imports" or more fully USED Japanese imports. Many of those are Japanese domestic market-only bikes, never officially imported new to NZ or elsewhere. Some of them make great adventure bikes: Honda's XR250-based Baja, Suzuki's DR250-based Djebel, Yamaha's TT250-based RAID, Kawasaki ??? They have softer suspension, milder engine tune, lower seat height, tin tanks, big headlights, and carry racks all standard. They don't command the same sort of prices as the base enduro bikes. The DR-Z250 and TT-R250 are very similar to the XR250R, but with electric legs

I think you'll really struggle to find a full-monty XR250/XR400 road legal for $2000. When I looked a couple of years ago, they were either cheap and trashed and not registered, or they were registered and wanted silly money for them regardless of condition. The only reasonably-priced ones were well looked after unregistered ones.
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