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This morning, Iím not very happy to start again, but Iíve got to drive. Unforgettable Meo Vac. I canít tellyou where I had the stop over at the end of the day, cause it was dark and I have not seen any signal. I should have been more or less near Cao Bang.


I can start

Iím driving eastward. Full tank, sky not bad beautiful landscape, everythingís fine. But the world is a big balance, that follow the Murphyís Law, and immediately comes the offset: the engine of my bike stops to work.

Big silence in the Vietnam mountains, just me and mt (not working) bike: what can I do ? First I take a picture

With my mechanical skills, Iím able top ut gas in the tank, check oil level ( ok not here in Vietnam) inflate air in tires and check pressure, put oil on the chain transmission. So now I just can wait and try again to start: It has worked and the bike started again

This is the second ďtechnical pit stopĒ

At the end of the day I had 10 pit stop, but after the fifth this situation looks like a sign from the sky that push me to keep going. Once I could heard the voice of Vietnam Divinities

Iíts one o clock: to take a rest I went in the backyard of this desert school

After a nap I met a family of teachers that also works in the school as caretakers

In Vietnam working in the road maintenance is very hard: not a lot of machinery

My t-shirt and my ass are burning: Iíve got to stop

Dark Itís coming, but Iíve seen what in my map I marked with a ?

Theyíve got a bed and a place for my bike

fresh food

Do you think that in a restaurant, in Vietnam, a touris can remain alone without a drink ? ?

I was lucky, just 6 people at the table. The Guest House/restaurant is also a karaoke point. In a little room downstairs therís everything

This morning, with the sun itís easier understand where Iím

Even today will be har reach Ha Long: in fact Iíll reach Dinh Lap

Ohh finally a Vietnam Pin-up

Gas station

I reach Dinh Lap and first I look for a Guest House

the room is really big

even the bugs

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