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O.K. BMW guys, My bike wont take off from 1st gear at red lights, and revs high before accelarating in higher gears. Doesnt like any kinda hills? With my KTM this means slipping clutch, so what about the Beemer. Its at 175,000 thousand miles so mabye time for clutch redo? Any helpful tips and warm fuzzy tricks to extend life would be appreciated!!! Also leaking oil and didnt used too so any ideas? Thanks beemer studs!
Not REALLY all that tough, but there is some shit involved that might make people skeered.

HTSrocker did his (i sawr it) and could probably give some tips (like take it someplace and pay) or one of the local beemer guys may need some side money for Christmas (or Starbucks)

Two words if you take it on yourself: FELT RING
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You shoulda told me to do this a long time ago
My bad
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