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Originally Posted by jmcg View Post
Welcome back.

Originally Posted by Irishrover63 View Post
Nice job Matt, I like the old Kincardine bridge it's got that well built ruggedness about it. I will stop off next time I see you, now I know it was you. Tomorrow is forecast to be nice weather, hope to head out on the bike myself with the camera. Get yourself a Flickr account like I have, a free account lets you post 200 pics, then as you upload the oldest image is hidden, but you always have 200 images available to view if that makes sense.
Typically, the weather is great and I'm working. Hope you manage to get out.

Yeah you mentioned the Flickr thing before but at the time the Facebook thing was working fine. If I'm going to lose all the pictures from the thread every time they have a redesign I'll need to find something else. I'm sure I have more than 200 pictures already though so if I'm going to keep the thread as updated as I want, I'm just going to have to suck it up and pay someone to host.

Originally Posted by fraser2312 View Post
Good to have you back.

FWIW your bridge looks far more exciting than the Clackmannanshire Bridge
Cheers man. Tbh, if the Kincardine Bridge didn't have that swing section in the middle, it wouldn't look all that different. But it does, so that's kinda moot. As much as it was a godsend for easing traffic congestion, it's a pity they couldn't have made it even a little bit pretty.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Well done on passing Mod 1, take it your over 24 then Matt if your doing DAS as thats the new age from jan 19(doesnt matter if youve passed mod one or not), dunno why, thought you were doing it on a 125, yes the mod 1 lasts two years............but its from the date of your theory test pass in reality which the examiner should of told you, so if you did that 18 months ago you only have 6 months to get it done or youll be resitting the lot

Wouldnt be bothered about the weather after this year, youve only gotta suck it up for 40 mins and the bugger you can ride safely
Yeah I'm 30, doing DAS.

Yeah I wasn't aware of the theory thing. Only did that in June though so it's not going to affect things. Thanks for the heads up though.

My worry with the test was that it was going to be icy or snowing. My instructor was amazed that my Mod 1 went ahead as the test centre was flooded. This got me thinking that the examiners will only cancel a test in the worst conditions. It was more a case of the test being quite expensive and me not wanting to lose a load of cash because of bad conditions.

I also wouldn't really be using the bike much even if I had booked the test for this year anyway.

I'll get it done in march.
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