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Originally Posted by Donmanolo View Post
Did you get your Indian Speedometer in the meantime..? Any impressions you wish to share with us?
I did receive and use the speedometer for about 2,200 miles. The look of the unit is very OEM. They did a great job copying it, from the green lettering to the tiny white dots that I think represent maximum speed in each gear. I went with the 120mph unit instead of the 80mph I had before. The light inside for illumination is cheaply done. It shines through the gap in the odo gears at night so you can't really see your odo. Also, a couple of the markings on the odo have dirt on them. The '6' in the hundreds position has dirt on it.

The back of the unit is metal and the threaded section is also metal, but it looks like more of a pot metal. I had my GPS with me on my Outer Banks trip and the Indian speedo read a little low. If I was going an indicated 60 my actual speed was about 68. On a long day trip the speedo losed accuracy and the needle starts to get a little jumpy. When travelling an actual 65 mph the gauge would slowly dance between 55 and 70.

I sent the Indian unit to Wirespokes along with the OEM speedo with the hope that the accurate OEM components could be transplanted into the Indian metal case and housing but it turns out that they really aren't interchangeable.

When I mentioned the dancing of the speedo needle and how the needle would behave differently throughout the day he had an idea that maybe the type of grease being used was incorrect and was going to look into it further but I haven't spoken with him since. He also calibrated it when he had it open when he noticed that it read a little high.

Bottom line is that the unit will look just like OEM when installed, and depending on Wirespokes' findings with the grease it may actually behave just like OEM.

Overall I am satisfied and impressed with the Indian unit. It's not up to OEM quality, but it was $99US, delivered to my door. I ordered on a Thursday night and received it Tuesday. That's impressive.
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