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I recently acquired a WR, in addition to my modded DR; absolutely loved the WR, to point I had put the DR up for sale, but I still had reservations. The WR is more modern, better brakes and better instrumentation. The DR had more grunt, much more relaxed; what was odd to me is that the two bikes do the same job by very different ways, the speed in the twisties/gravel roads, even acceleration from traffic lights was very similar. When I realized that the cost of finishing the DR with Intimators and a Vapor tech would be offset by all the mods that I would feel compelled to do to the WR to make it ready for the back country, the pendulum started to swing back towards the Suzuki. What made my final decision was a recent highway jaunt where I had to keep the WR throttle pinned to maintain 70 on a moderate incline, as well as when hammering to pass some cages on secondary roads where I would have just rolled on the DR. The WR is a work of art and an absolute blast to ride, looks evil as hell, but as a poor boy who can't justify two such similar bikes, I have to stay with my DR; granted, it said bye bye to stock form a long time ago, but now it seems to be better suited as a tool that can also be ridden as a hooligan while the WR seems to be first a toy that can be modded to be used as a tool.

... Another thing that struck me was the total lack of tie down points on the WR without adding aftermarket racks, which tells me something about the original purpose of this bike. I ride with a group of ADVers that absolutely fly on their WR's, but I'm going to stay with Thing 1 for now, even though I still have doubts. The WR will be on the Flea Market soon.
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