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Originally Posted by Stinky151 View Post
Sending my entry on Monday!!! This is gonna be awesome!!! So can anyone tell me, does a vapor vector fill the need for an ico? Or should I spend the full $350 on one from rally management?
I think you are going to want the ICO Checkmate Enduro Computer. It tells you if you are riding early or late.

The trick is learning how to program it when you get your roadbook instructions the night before. I am told it takes lots of practice. In 2010 there were a couple of fellows who didn't figure out the programming until the last couple of days. But they were spot on once they did!

I rode the non computer class before. I solved for time at each route instruction and noted it on my roadbook. I mounted stop watches on my tank. I used my GPS satellite clock to start in my second and simultaneously started my stop watch. I then attempted to adjust my speed if my stop watch told me early or late to a given route instruction.

Seems like it should be easy but the math gets tricky and a math or nav error screws up the whole stage. If you had a TSD calculator it would be a lot easier than trying to solve for time in MPH and Miles. The enduro computer allows you to make mistakes yet recover.

It looked nice, but sucked to use:

This would have helped if I had it:
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