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We packed up the bikes in the morning.

Brian led us along a cottage road with miles of whoops. We ended up in Gravenhurst, current home of the oldest operating Steamboat in the western hemisphere, the RMS Segwun, built in either 1887 or 1925, depending on how you look at it.

There is a tiny gift shop/museum nearby where I bought and sent a couple of postcards. The boat does periodic cruises, but we just looked at it from the outside. Up the road we stopped at Port Carling for a quick break. Everyone was out for the weekend.

And then on toward Sudbury.

When I was planning out this trip, I envisioned vast desolate stretches of road I would encounter in Canada, but that's not what I'd found so far. In fact, most of the roads we were on were fast, busy four-lanes, and even the smaller country roads seemed to be excessively trafficked. When I commented to Ken and Brian, they shrugged and said that there weren't many roads in this part of the country, and being high season, practically everyone in Canada was passing through. I made an ill-advised suggestion we stop at a road-side stand.

This is, what they call up here, a chip truck. Looked like a neat place to stop for a break and grab an inexpensive lunch. I was shocked at the prices: as much as a decent restaurant. Ken's fish plate ran more than $15 and my burger and fries (without drink) was $11. Brian declined to eat in deference to saving his dollars until later. The food was good though, I have to admit that. The three of us had a discussion about Canadian pricing.

We stopped at a roadside rest area which housed a very cool canoe museum.

And this bridge and hiking/snowmobile trail out back. I like bridges.

I talked the guys into hunting a geocache with me nearby. They were justifiably unimpressed. Not much to see at the cache site.

Brian led us to Massey, Ontario to Chutes Provincial Park. We set up camp.

And then, surprise, swimimng!

This was, I have to admit, a pretty awesome swimming hole, with a waterfall flowing in on one end.

And looking down back the other way toward the swimming hole.

Around dinner we had a discussion about the cost of our campsite. The site itself costs $37, and we were charged an extra $12 for exceeding the vehicle limit of two. Ken grumbled about how it's "no wonder everyone goes to the States for vacation" and dropped a harsh letter into the suggestion box.

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