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Originally Posted by levain View Post
You can't really talk about mesh kevlar without comparing to Motoport. The two things Motoport does well is armor coverage and seam strength. Any chance of more armor coverage?

I've been considering a hybrid Motoport jacket. Mesh on arms, stretch on the body. For one of your suits, maybe mesh on arms and back, then a lighter cordura on the front, under arms etc.? Seems you could do a highly vented suit with minimal seams. Even better with the stretch kevlar, but thats going to add to the cost. It is an amazing fabric though.

Someone mentioned the collar. That is always a deal killer for me. So far, Rukka is the only manufacturer to nail that for me and their's couldn't be simpler. I suppose that is part of the problem. The manufacturers want to over think the simple stuff. Sometimes, simple works!

Ditch the velcro cinches on the arms. Again, look at what Rukka does with snaps. I've never seen a jacket that actually pulled elbow armor square on the elbow. Rukka nails this small detail with their perfect tailoring and the use of snaps vs. velcro. Speaking of velcro, leave it all off! Hate the stuff!

I'd like your jacket to zip to my motoport pants JTT mentioned

Fewest seams possible. Same with the logos.
all good ideas
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