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Real4Life1 - Glad you're OK.

Some thoughts on Interstate riding and passing:

When there are more than two lanes, I like to stay in the right track of the left lane going a bit faster than traffic. This puts me on the the rear view mirror of cars as I come up from behind them. As I go past, I move the the left track to give me some room if they suddenly decide to be in the left lane.

If there's only two lanes in each direction i might use either one but I stay in the track closest to the middle most of the time. Again I am in the mirrors of cars I come up on and I don't appear to be a blank spot for a fast mover to pull into (as you might if travelling in the outside tire track.)

This is based on maybe 150k interstate commuting miles on variety of bikes including a DR650. Fortunately i do less of that now.

Keep riding and keep thinking.
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