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I set off for Volcan Las Tres Virgenes and it's not long before the volcano comes into view and it's lava rocks.

I ride down the road and pull into the ranger station. As I'm ready to start walking up to the observation platform a man comes out and invites me inside the station house.

He speaks perfect English. I find this funny at this point of the trip because everyone I meet who can speak English admit to not speaking it very well. We talk for about 3 hours.
I ask about the volcano and he tells me that they have tapped into it's thermal steam source and are able to supply 3 cities with electricity, then he starts talking about his passion and why he is here, which is to protect the big horn sheep.

The large deep rings in the horn are how they're able to tell age, like a trees rings.

We talk more about the Mexican politics and other various things that might help the world be a better place, but knowing that this is just talk and will most likely never happen. I get an invite to come back and he'll take me out with the big camera to shoot some big horn sheep.

I figure after 2 hours it's probably time for me to get moving, but the conversation continues for another hour. He gives me his e-mail address and phone number and tells me to call him if I run into any trouble. Pretty nice guy.
And I make my way back to the Sea of Cortez.

I'm starting to get a little bored traveling on asphalt so I find some dirt roads that lead to the sea.

I do the daily ritual of cruising through town to find a room and sometimes if it permits I go up to a high bluff over looking the town to scope it out.

Santa Rosalia is know for its mine. I only traveled 72 miles today, good conversation and interesting sites have slowed me down, but sometimes it's worth stopping to enjoy your trip.

Ever since the 2nd day in Baja getting stuck and not being able to communicate with friends and family I have settled in with the fact that I'm done trying to camp. Having wifi available, food and water close by, I'm just going to be getting rooms from here on out.
This place wasn't too bad for the money, so this is where I call home tonight.

Nice patio overlooking the sea and the city.

They're not done cleaning my room yet, so I head back into town to get something to eat.
This looks decent, and the waiter speaks English so I get a bit of a lesson on the preparing of the food.

The meat gets marinated and then piled on top of itself, then goes to a open flame source to cook. They then shave the meat off when ready to serve. Pretty simple and I try a few things off the menu.

Back at the room.

I hear some commotion outside my door just after sundown and go out to investigate. 5 guys are having a few beers after work and are staying at the hotel, as to not look suspicious, I walk back out to the patio and take a few night time shots.

Upon returning to my room I noticed a guy trying to stretch out a sore muscle and I offer him some Bio Freeze. I go back to my room and make the necessary e-mails and almost fall asleep. I go back outside the 5 guys are still there, but I get 2 beers handed to me. Alright, I took one.
Several beers later we're talking through google translator (mostly cuss words) and having good time. They keep offering beer and it's hard to refuse, but soon we're all to tired and probably drunk. It would have been fun to have recorded that night on video, 5 Mexicans and 1 Gringo (trying to speak Spanish) laughing at cuss works on a computer screen.

One of the guys who rides is interested in my bike. KTM magnetismo.

He asked me to send him this photo but I can't seem to get it to go to his e-mail, so hopefully he'll find it here.
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