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That's my team! Terrible Herbst Monster Energy Trophy Trucks #'s 19 & 49. LR is really funny when it comes to pre-running, I'm glad Mike Smith & the boys at the Herbst shop totally re-built his pre-runner. He likes to pre-run by himself, no one else in his truck or following along.

At the 500 we met up with him in Valle de Trinidad as he was getting fuel and buying a case of beer. The race course was going over "The Summit" which is real technical and had all of the car guys crying like little girls. LR was buying the beer because he had promised the guys with Baja Fools out on Laguna Salada (at the other side of The Summit) he would bring them beer if they werre going to be there. He had forgot the beer the first time so he was going back. He was like: "WTF it's not that bad, I'll just run over there drop the beer off and I'll see you back in Ensenada at dinner." Jajajajajajaja!
Heard he can ride a dirt bike too.
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