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Hi guys.

You wouldn't believe how thrilled I was to be able to ride into South East Asia overland, on my own bike. And secondly I would be riding through Tibet as a bonus. I haven't dared to even dream about this. I've grown up behind the iron curtain in East Germany and the first 12 years of my life went by with me believing I won't ever be able to travel except across my own small country and a few neighbouring communist ones. When this all changed in 1989, I was not ready to grasp the newly gained possibilities right away. I guess it was a process and even when I was about to enter Tibet and ride the highest mountains in the world, this seemed like something that I was only watching in a movie. A movie which was secretly and unapprovedly brought to me while I couldn't go where the movie took place. But I was about to live this. I was so excited about it, I almost forgot about that it'll be January. And the Himalayas are high! Winter + High = Cold + Snow. I experimented with a bunch of ways to put snow chains or spikes onto my bike. Nothing would work. The resources available in Nepal were very limited. And the design of my bike didn't leave any space between the tire and the kardan swing arm to fit a DIY snow chain. I was NOT prepared for the worst. But I was hoping for the best and I would definitely take it as it comes. Little did I know, that apart from ice, snow and the freezing cold, I'd have to deal with something much more challening for this upcoming section of the journey.

But before I get into this, first some pictures from lovely Nepal *the base camp for the icy ride to come.

An Argentinian couple I met along the way. My own bike badly damaged by a ruthless Indian truck driver.

Soon to be continued.... Always happy about feedback. Till soon.
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