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Originally Posted by whitham_wannabe View Post
A familiar story ... 42,250 miles.

Bike got a little harder to start, then finally wouldn't, thankfully while I was at home.

Prodded around with a multimeter today and this is what I found.

Across battery - 11.41
Across battery, engine running - 10.67

Voltage across three pins, with nothing disconnected.
1-2 - 7.9
2-3 - 10.0
1-3 - 8.8

Resistance across three pins.
1-2 - 0.3
2-3 - 0.3
1-3 - 0.3

I have a fried stator, right?

BTW, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Awesome resource for a crappy problem.
For the test to be valid, you have to disconnect the r/r from the stator when measuring the ac voltage, and ressistence between the 3 stator wires. Looks bad though.

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