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It's been some time since looking inside the Indian speedo gaprunner sent me. As I recall, the shaft/bushing tolerances were pretty large, which can make for erratic readings. The motometers are real class units in comparison; much better designed and higher quality construction - although plastic input sections are a complete abomination! I'd like to shoot whover came up with that one.

The indian gauge also has no trip meter, so be aware of that. The input is pot metal, but looks no worse quality than the better motometers before they switched to plastic. It's got to be much more rugged than plastic!

Overall, the indian unit is simple (maybe a bit too simple), and with the tolerances tightened may be a good functioning unit.

We were hoping to mix and match parts but the two are much too different for that to happen.

Frankly, I think the electronic speedo replacement GSD4ME posted would be a better solution, since it likely has more functions than speed and odometer along with greater accuracy as well.
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