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Originally Posted by Ladukebob View Post
Installed a CJ Design oil drain line and while I had the left side tank off decided I better replace the fuel filters. The KTM tech at the rally suggested they be replaced once a year. Ordered the replacement o-rings and filters from CJ as well.
Ditto; CJ's fuel filter kit and oil drain hose.
Tyler (KTM tech at Rally) stated something similar, aka replace the fuel pump filters every 20Km. I had just crossed 20KM on my 2011 during the Rally, and actually had the bike bog while blasting through the Deschutes forest on one of the loops. Stopped, pulled the air filter, which was surprisingly clean, and then Paul Krause cracked the throttle wide open which seems to help, hence we thought it might be the fuel filter, as the bike wouldn't bog if easy on the throttle.

Upon return to rally base camp, (after consorting with a number of experienced folk - some who recommended doing so, and others who didnt unless I had a spare o-ring) I pulled the tank off and pump out in front of the KTM semi, and lo and behold the sock filter was black and clogged. I cleaned the filter as best I could, with some carb cleaner and compressed air, as I had to get 800KM home the next day, and no one had the filters in stock.

Moral of story:
- replace fuel pump filters (both of em) every 20Km (the paper filter was falling apart) or sooner.
- dont bother cleaning the sock filter, its not meant to let anything out, but to trap the gunk in.
- dont pull fuel pump without spare o-ring, as its known to tear (I was lucky, mine didnt).
- get CJ's fuel pump filter kit, as its got all the goodness, and supposedly better sock filters
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