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First Impressions...

The Dubinky Colorado Pants

I received a package this week from Dubinky… needless to say, I was both curious and excited to open the box and see what Ben had come up with. You see, I had the same wants in riding apparel as Ben does… I am tired of the cheap crap that is made overseas that just has a name brand on it and because of that, they charge a premium for them. Cheap material, cheap construction but charge a premium??? We, as consumers, deserve better than that. So, with my fingers crossed, I opened the package…

Click the URL below to go to a Slide Show

The first thing you will notice is the material. This is Real material. Just by touch, you know that this material will take some abuse. You will then have your eyes pulled toward the leather on the lower inside of the pant legs. Yes, I said leather. Not stretchy plastic stuff, not regular material… but real leather. I don’t know how many riders I have seen – especially with an over the boot pant – that has the insides of the lower legs worn out, tore out, or melted out. Not only do those types of pants look like crap when they get to that stage, but they tend to start becoming snag hazards on foot pegs, kick start levers, or what have you. The Dubinky Colorado pants address this issue with the use of good ole’ leather.

While you are looking at the inventive use of leather, you will more than likely notice that the stitching is great quality. Just about every seam is double stitched and is started and finished well. No loose seams or extra stuff hanging off because of poor workmanship. The snaps, Velcro, cinch loops and zippers are also quality components and are attached well.

Embroidered Logos.


Made in the U.S.A.!

Bottom Boot Cuff Cinch Strap and Velcro Seams

Knee Area with multiple layers and room for knee armor/braces

Multiple Layer Rear

19" Rear Leg Vents

Rear Waist Line

Waist Cinch Straps – also notice how the rear rises to CYA.

Front Pockets


Everything Opened

I have yet to get out and ride in these pants, but my first impressions are that Ben did a great job in the design to include great quality materials and workmanship. The best things IMHO… These are designed by riders for riders. It’s also made in the U.S.A. with materials made in the U.S.A. and is the product of a new company located here in the U.S.A.

Link to my photos…

Great work Ben!
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