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Originally Posted by 0ldhippie View Post
There must be something wrong with me because I switch between my sportbike, harley and dirtbike very easily. While each is completely different I am comfortable on each. I'm not a big fan of forward controls, extended forks or apes but I've had them all without any problems. Ya just have to know the bike you're riding and ride accordingly. Ride the bike ya like.
After reading the posts here I was thinking the same thing.

Seriously, is riding a motorcycle that hard that one cannot adapt to control locations within a few minutes at most.

I consider myself a decent rider but there are far more who are much better than me but I just don't understand how it could be hard or confusing going from rear sets, to mids, to forwards and back. Comfort not wisthstanding, as long as your not racing if you can flex and extend your ankle sufficient enough to operate the gear shift and rear brake there should be no problem with feet positioning.

I have more issue with torso positioning when transitioning from leaning back on the Road Glide to upright on the DR 650 and to leaning forward on the XR1200 but that has more to do with core muscles and comfort than anything else......btw, rode all 3 today.
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