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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Guys just look into the reliability of Electrosport with existing products before putting your hopes on them. A more than spotty record....

I personally don't think the new flywheel will make any significant difference, what are those little holes on a spinning wheel really going to do in terms of cooling?

At least the series R/R is "cheap" and has been successfully used by the owners of many other bikes with problematic stators.
I can't seem to find much reliability data on other Electrosport units do you have a source?
Here they get 4-stars with 25 reviews but that's about all I can come up with..........

I did stumble on these guys:
The website is lame, but they are purported to do good work........ Since I have a burned up stator from a friend's bike I'm going to call them this week and talk about our 200C stator conditions and see if they run away screaming........... or nod their head knowingly and whisper sweet nothings in my ear...

On the flywheel holes.... unless we can get someone with the new design to lay in some thermocouples I guess we won't know for sure ....

it would seem that it would allow for at least some "flow-thru" of air and perhaps oil?
I don't know what the oil level is in the crankcase but it does seem like it might be high enough be able to run thru the (new) holes in the flywheel for some beneficial effect but ... I'm just guessing
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