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We posed in front of a headless Iron Brontosaurus on the way out of town.

Oh there's the head.

They also had their own Tin Man.

The guys were done with the OK trail so it was back to highway till New Mexico.


Boring. (Hey look almost 400 more miles of highway)




The 225 struggled a bit. There was a head wind and it just couldn't hang with the big bikes. I tried to tuck as far as I could but it's a small bike with a tank bag and I'm wearing an overstuffed backpack.

Photo courtesy of Trials Bike Adam

I could draft better behind the BMW with the big windshield and big bags but Adam would drift off and change speed a lot. The DR was harder to find the sweet spot but Justin kept the speed solid. We did this forever. '

And then we made it.

Finally Back on the trail. Justin and I managed to resist shooting up the sign.

I have never seen prairie dogs before.

These are the holes they pop into when they suspect you are about to take their picture.

Having the lightest bike and best tires I was excited to hit some dirt.

I rode so far so fast that soon I was all by myself, which was a bad thing.

Adam was way the hell back there by the prairie dogs disassembling his bike.

We had the experience to know a fuel pump when we didn't hear one. Adam spread the towel to keep New Mexico out of his fuel tank. We had just topped off our tanks so it was full and the towel was soaked.

Prairie Dog!

Adam found a faulty wire at the fuel pump motor. We cut the connector off of the wire re-crimped it and Adam started the arduous task of Re-assembling the bike.

Justin did...


I don't see my T- Socket wrench tool in the picture but this is the last place I ever saw it.

Adam's towel was soaked with fuel and useless but we didn't want to leave it there and no one wanted to put it away with their gear. I suggested burning it but there was a burn ban for most of that part of the country. Colorado was experiencing massive wildfires at the time. Adam suggested we tie it to a bike to dry it out and toss it at the next gas station.

Finally back on the road.

I'm pretty sure this is the house in which Lyle Swann knocked up his grandmother.

I have never lived West of the Mississippi River so most of this is fascinating to me. I love these block houses. Most of them are abandoned in the middle of a pasture but this one is part of a homestead still.

More stuff like which I have never seen.

In Tennessee we make fence posts from Cedar trees that grow straight and last forever. This whole fence line had posts that looked like this.

But probably last forever.

Coming up was the section that would be the talk of the day.

We climbed a ragged trail up on top of a plateau.

Not much happens in that movie but it took a long time to upload.

With a beautiful view.

An Abandoned farm on the plateau,

We went to the little jail that everyone goes to.

I need to get around to writing this town and get them to put fuel information in this bulletin board thing.

Adam has one of those bluetooth things in his helmet and never got off the phone.

We did what everyone else does, got gas in whatever big city we traveled through (Trinidad?) and moved on into the night looking for a place to buy beer and bed down.

We did learn a neat trick at the gas stop. The guy there was used to TAT riders and told us to fill our camel backs in the fountain drink machine rather than buying bottled water. I used the trick for the rest of the trip asking the cashier if I could just "get some water" out of the machine.

This place was littered with "keep out" signs that I didn't see until we were leaving.

The sun was falling fast. Right up the road there was an awesome spot. A hill by the road with a valley hiding behind it out of sight of the road.

We began to set up camp while the sun set and decided to forego the beer run because the nearest possible place was around 20 miles away.

Then I noticed something odd about the 225

That zip tie is what was holding the gas-soaked towel. I wonder what happened. I actually barely remembered smelling some burning at some point but was never quite able to figure out where we were when it ignited. It has been decided that it was a good thing no one saw it because I probably would have stopped and then it probably would have burned up my tent. Scary shit given the drought and wildfire situation that we had been hearing about for weeks.
Your cycle had a bell on it.
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