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spring preload recomendation

stock rear spring adjustment.

My manual says to run the rear spring at all the way CCW for 187 lbs.
What about 240-250 lbs (with gear)? i know to add some for passanger, luggage, etc.

My problem is I had it set where I like it, then I turned it up when my Nephew rides it and forgot to turn it back down.
then I turned it up again (more) when my wife was on the back for a trip, then forgot to turn it back down. Then I think I added 5 more turns the last trip with my wife, and forgot to turn it back down. you get the idea. this could also be the reason I am always sliding forward in the seat.

Anyway, rode it in the dark Saturday night and the high beam was as low as the low beam should be.

I saw the link for the F800 ST configurator that shows suspension setting, and for 187 it says 12 clicks, so this is telling me the F800ST has a different suspension then the GS
and anything over 450 lbs says "overloaded" but my manual says max payload 520 lbs.
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