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The next morning we rode the trail for a bit. The area was various homesteads and farms and was lousy with rabbits. I was riding first and must have scared 25 of them off of the road and away from the side. These three deer watched me pull up and patienty waitied while I got my camera out but took off when the next bike came.

We broke from the trail to get gas and breakfast in Walsenburg, CO.

A Fox theater

Some other bikers were there but they weren't particularly friendly. It may have been that they had slept in a hotel and eaten a breakfast wheras my group hadn't bathed in days.

We ate breakfast here, and defiled their bathroom. They are closed on Tuesdays.

Justin got his 650 inverted in this ditch.

Adam helped him up. After taking his picture.

We just don't see anything like these views at home.

Freaking Christmas trees on the side of the road!

We ran into these guys on 990 adventures at the next Gas stop.

We were on our way to Salida through some National Forest and it started getting cold as we crossed a mountain. I put on my insulated gloves and my jacket liner and was worried about camping in the cold weather.

We caught up with another group before the decent,

More picture taking

When we decended into the town it got much warmer. People were walking around in shorts in town, a huge difference from the freezing emps 30 miles up.

When we got into town I looked around while Justin called around for a motel room, we picked the Budget Lodge because they gave him a Military discount.

That's where we met Brian known here as Newner who was from Oklahoma and was riding a KLR over some of the Colorado passes.
Here's his ride report.

Newner was staying in the room next to us and joined us for dinner down the street.

Decor in our room ranged from Wierd to strange;

Wack Howdy 2nd ammendment advocate:

Not sure what this business is:

Lamp with genuine spent shells:

You can caption this one:

I was kind in trouble. I was having a blast riding with my buds but I really needed to be at work on Tuesday and I was hell and gone from home. My rear tire was breaking down fairly quickly so I didn't want to get out on the interstate not that I wanted to spend hours and hours slabbing on the 225. Every mile that I rode west put me further away and used more time that I could use riding East.

At dinner, Newner had a brilliant and generous idea. He had a truck stashed in Colorado and was heading back to Oklahoma and if I rode with him the next day, he could drive me right back to my truck in Newkirk.

So that's what we decided to do. After Dinner Adam and I got warm beers at the most pretentious liqour store I have ever entered and we partied with our new friends Newner and these people who were staying in the room on the other side.

They were celebrating an anniversary or something and split a bottle of wine while we worked our way through the case of beer.
Your cycle had a bell on it.
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