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[QUOTE=f650gsa;19960317]Day 6 Baker NV to Eureka NV

I forgot to mention that the night before we had the pleasure to meet and had dinner with the two-up group from New Zealand that were also riding TAT . Phil and his wife Dawn then Andrew and Gale . Their full ride report can be found here . Very friendly ,good company and I wish we had more time to share our stories .

There were no major delays this day and almost everything went good . But there are couple of advice's to be given and I will strongly suggest to take them in consideration .

1. Watch for deep sand pockets on the gravel roads . Can be easily spotted as they have a lighter color . Phil and Dawn had their share this year as I had mine five years ago .

2. Flash storms/flooding - went trough one and in matter of minutes the road was all washed out .

3. And a easy one - take lots and lots of pics . This part of Nevada is just gorgeous .

Phil's unlucky encounter !

I remember that spot well ! ! Left us a little beaten up. I landed face first so was a bit dazed afterwards and had a sore shoulder. Dawns shoulder was a little sore but not too bad. Could have been a lot worse. We rode on slowly for a while then had a stop to straighten out the twist in the bars/forks. A couple of Panadol's helped with the headache ! After Patterson Pass you came to a gas stop. There was a huge thunderstorm passing nearby and as it was mid afternoon, and I didnt think we had enough time to do the next section we decided to go to Ely that night. We followed your wheel tracks the next day, and probably several days.
Heres a couple of pics Dawn took juust after we crashed.

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