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Paint GSA Screen Black??

Sound frightening doesn't it?!!

I swapped a GSA screen for a bed, beer and breakfast from a fellow biker who was passing through on the way to a rally; the screen came from a write-off.

I have cut it down just above the top brace using a cutting wheel on a 4" grinder (worked surprisingly well) to make a sort of bikini fairing for the summer. We'll see how well the screen works in practice (I am 6'4"), but it has to be better than no fairing at all...

Question: what material is the screen made from - polycarbonate? It has some gravel rash on it and my plan is to smooth down the worst gouges and fill in the holes, and then paint with a semi-matt black... Should look good, sort of Mad Max-ish. So what sort of paint should I use on that screen? Or what should I avoid?


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