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Originally Posted by Bubwheat View Post

My question is this: Is there a nice campground/RV park that you would recommend anywhere between Redding and Bakersfield, along the CA99 corridor, that has clear, clean skies, and would make a nice winter hangout? I'd like to stay above freezing, but I can tolerated some mildly cool temps. I'll most likely stay from Dec. 1 til March 1.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
Anything along the 99 corridor is in the Valley. Depending on the wind and rain you will be in the smog/fog all year round.

There are a FEW days in the valley when the north wind blows that anywhere is the valley is BEAUTIFUL, even Bakersfield. But it's only a few days and hard to predict

With that, the northern part of 99 usually has better air however it is colder in the winter.

For clean air you need to be on the eastern slope (hwy 395) or the coast.

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