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CARB compliant EPA sticker

Being in the graphics business it wasn't very difficult to create a 'factory' epa sticker. Some of the KTM's were simply a silver paper sticker taped over with clear vinyl. They're not very creative.

But alas, if you get caught it's a felony. I decided it wasn't worth it for a silly motorbike. Just buy one that comes with a plate.

I just don't know how thorough CARB audits the registrations. They have a list of years and models that were 'approved' for hiway use, and if it's not on there it's cannot be issued a plate.

DMV are a bunch of idiots, so it's possible to get anything plated. And they don't always 'catch' them later and rescind. There are a LOT of bikes around with plates that weren't supposed to get them.
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