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Originally Posted by Monsignore View Post
Ravyn, Glad to know I wasn't the only idiot, er enthusiast out there. I can't imagine how pissed I'd be if I dropped a new-to-me bike as beautiful as that Griso, instead of my GS. And just think, what other ride is going to be worse than your first one?

As I mentioned on the NYC Commuter thread, I dropped my Tiger 1050 in the snow Fed 2011. Not a scratch on me (one-piece Teiz MS suit ), but I landed on my right side with my arm tucked under, and I cracked a rib on my back.

I had almost made it all the way home that night. I was about five blocks from my house. About 1.5" of snow on the ground. I was pulling away from a red light, as smooth and gentle as can be. "Dammit, I'm gonna make it!" Go to short-shift from first to second gear, and I hit a false neutral.

The rear started coming around, and around, and around, and...

You really don't know what 500 lbs feels like until you have to pick it up in the snow with a broken rib.
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