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Last part, I appreciate everyone's comments.

So the next morning we showered until our fingers wrinkled then ate breakfast then went our Separate ways.

Adam and Justin headed West toward the Pacific Ocean and Newner and I went South I think toward his truck via the Continental Divide trail.

I have read dozens of TAT reports over the years but it is really hard to get a feel for some of these paths from just the pictures. Up until now I thought what we what we had ridden up until now had been fairly tame and dismissed the idea of Adam and Justin skipping any sections.

What Newner and I rode (mostly not part of the TAT) turned out to be much harder than I expected.

At 10,000 feet the poor 225 just didn't have any guts at all.

It coughed and sputtered and wheezed. It could barely make the speed limit on some of the roads and I trailed the mighty KLR.

We reached the home of another inmate who was hosting Brian's truck, loaded up and started a 12 hour drive back across Kansas.

We saw a bear.

We saw the motel from which you can watch drive in movies.

At 2:00 am in the middle of fucking nowhere Kansas or maybe Colorado we saw Mr Green Jeans flexing on his CBR talking to a girl who is blocking one of the 4 pumps at the station. A guy sitting in truck towing a Harley was blocking another one. We finally shamed him into pulling forward.

I forgot the old man on the CBR.

My GPS Kept trying to put us on an interstate but Brian knew better, that Kansas had these long, wide, perfectly straight highways with 65 mph speed limits. Where I'm from any two lane would put you in a town with a 35mph speed limit and a traffic signal every 15 miles but there are plenty of ways to haul ass across Kansas if you can stand the smell.

Arriving in Newkirk around 4:00am.

I still had to move the bike to my truck, sleep an hour then start my own 9 hour drive home.

I couldn't have done it without Newner. His truck saved me two solid days of sunup to sundown riding.

Adam stayed with Justin through at least one more state but eventually got too far from home and had to turn back himself. Justin made it to the coast but I don't think he took the trail all the way.

The damage to my wife's bike did not go unnoticed. I think I added around 1100 miles in three days.

That covers the past 4 years maybe we'll try again next year.

The 690 is still not repaired.
Your cycle had a bell on it.

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