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What is the reason to cover the RotoPax with material?? Another thought on carrying fuel in Alaska and the Yukon......gas stations are not always open. Yes, the longest stretches are probably between Coldfoot to Deadhorse, Dawson City to Eagle Plains, and Eagle Plains to Inuvik but other stretches get longer when a gas station is closed. I skipped the gas station in Jakes Corner figuring I would get gas in Carcross. The sign at the station in Carcross said "closed until further notice". I limped into Skagway, going 35 to 45 miles per hour, and coasted down the hill to conserve what little fuel I had left. And the dumb of it was, I had my 1 3/4 gal RotoPax on the bike but it was empty because I didn't think I would need extra gas until my run up to Deadhorse!!! I skipped a sort of a gas station on the east side of the Old Denali Highway thinking I would get gas in Paxon only to find the station closed. By this time I had filled the RotoPax and had to use it to make it to Delta Jct. Coming home there was a sign that said "check your fuel, next gas 92 miles". I knew I could make it only to find that the station 92 miles down the road had been closed for over a year!! I didn't need to dump fuel into the tank from Coldfoot to Deadhorse, but I ran out two miles from Coldfoot coming back (speeds were higher). Soooo, good idea to carry some fuel in case of the unexpected, not just looking at a mileage map. The new 1 3/4 RotoPax turned out to be a perfect size to mount on my tail rack.
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