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Round 15 - Pipsico - Final Round

So the final round was not nearly as exciting as the round before. As I mentioned, I came down with a nasty cold, cough, crud, runny nose, sneezing, etc, etc, last Sunday, and missed 3 days of work leading into the race weekend. I felt awful. I could not even imagine racing like that, just about every breath I took was followed by a bout of coughing. I felt like crap.

I could not work out, or train, or do anything all week. By Saturday, I was still not feeling good at all, still had a lot of sinus congestion and was generally feeling weak and wondering if I'd even be able to race. But I figured I'd come too far in the season to give up now, so I started getting my gear together and ready to leave early Sunday morning for the 3+ hour drive up to the Pipsico race location.

The race was nothing at all exciting for me, I was just trying to survive. The start was the sketchyist of the season, though, we had a big row of 29 riders, and they rolled us up to the 1st row mark to start, and the start very quickly channeled us all down into 3 small gaps in to the woods followed by a long straight with an off camber left turn. There was a lot of carnage on our row at the start, and somehow I picked my way through it and was somewhere around mid-pack. I had no idea where Jim was. Turns out, he got mixed up in some of the carnage at the start and got off poorly. At any rate, I was just trying to survive. I eventually finished 13th out of 29. Even though Jim got a bad start, he worked his way back up to 9th, which was a great ride for him, but it was not enough to close the 6 point cushion I had from the prior race and I will end up with 5th place in the series, unless they find some error in the points calculations or something.

I should point out, that had I only had 4 points going into this race, Jim and I would have been tied for points at the end, and by the VCHSS tie breaking rules, Jim would have won the tie breaker. So that extra push to get in front of him at the last round ended up being the decider for me.

So that's how I ended out the season, the sparks and excitement from the last round were replaced by just trying to survive this last race intact while fighting off illness.

So I will hold onto to 5th place for the year. Not too bad, I'm happy with that. We have a lot of good riders in our class, but throughout the year, I was the beneficiary of some good luck, and some attrition, too, and had some back luck along the way as well. Jim deserves it just as much as I, we really finished in a virtual tie points wise, 2 points is nothing, and I bet each one of us could look back on the year and find races where if we'd just ridden a little harder here and there, or if luck had been our side a bit more in a few races, that it could have gone either way. In the end, it was a good year of riding and racing, no serious injuries, met some great new friends, and it was a pleasure to ride with the good sportsmanship and competitors that make up our class and the VCHSS series.
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