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Feedback after D3 longtime usage?


I seriously considering purchase of D3 for my bike. Have tried the Touratech spoiler on standard screen but it does not work for me. It shifts all the air to the top part of the helmet providing buffering and very strange noise (waves of air are hitting the helmet and making this vibrating noiseeee - very irritating one).

So I started to think about D3 as it seems to provide a good flexible option for both long runs on regular roads and offroad rides. After reading this thread I am sure that it would be fine on offroad. I know from other posts on ADV that the best protection for touring is a big screen which protects you from rain, cold, air etc but ... I like to end many of my trips on offroad tracks.

So my question to some of you who have used D3 for a while is how it works on long highway runs especially with the reduction of air noise / pressure issue, rain, cold? It looks like the high of the rider is one of key issue (crossplane thank you for feedback). Since D3 is not a chip option I would not like to end with the same strange noise inside my helmet - but now a much more expensive one.

I am 180 cm high (so if think it is 5' 10''), inseam 80 cm (so 31'-32'), standard seat, schuberth C3.

Thank you in advance for your feedback? Hope it would be useful for others negotiating the budget with Santa before the incoming Christmas period ;)

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