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So after checking out my tire. I am at the wear bars. Hard to know exactly how much longer I can ride...

But the knobs have some big cracks and so does other spots as the salt flats and roads have taken there toll.

I found a "dealer" called Top Moto that had a tourance the right size. so I went ahead an bought it. But WOW cost me almost double the USA price. Even in Santiago it would not have been that much, but I did not really want to risk the next 200+ miles on a well worn tire. Just me. Figure it is the cost of being here and taking this big trip.

Bolivia would have been cheaper but did not really need the tire then and would have had to carry it for couple thousand miles. No Thanks!

Changing it out. Price included that (and some!!) ..... Haha

What a difference. As I was looking for the Moto shop, I just had the typical street and a couple cross streets but no address. Asked this lovely man at his auto parts store. He saw my note including the ph, and took to it to call and verify the place..... Great!! and I needed a small O ring which he had, and just gave to me!! Loving Argentina!

Walking about town to get a few things done, Laundry, haircut, and just enjoying the little streets

It is always interesting seeing the differences. I saw people putting their trash out in these bins..... They are on every street. Must keep the dogs out of the garbage?

Staying at this Hostel. It is fine, but the staff is excellent!! They have been very helpful getting me to a moto tire shop and also other errands! Yea!! No parking garage, but I rode up the sidewalk and parked right by the front door so they can see it!!

Tomorrow I signed up for a Premium Wine tour including transport, wine tasting and 4 course Gourmet lunch...... Since I am in Mendoza..... Might as well do it right!!
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