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Hi Rwelch!
How's the leg doing?
Yep, lots of good riding in Oregon...motivation for you to visit out West!

Hey redog!
oh, you'll like the OBDR! It's a lot of fun!
Make sand your favorite...
(these dunes aren't on the OBDR, but there are sandy sections)

Day 52: 8/12/12
Christmas Valley, OR to Ram Horn Campground, CA 306 miles

So,yesterday, we had missed some good stuff when we rushed to get to town in time for pizza.
We had skipped more sagebrush, some rocky 2 track, and some sand.
I didnít mind missing the powerline road and the rocky 2 track, but I was sad about the sand.
That section was really fun!

After talking, we decided to go back and do the best parts this morning.
We were at the end of our trip. Day 52!
The only thing we had to do was get home - so why not ride what we wanted?

And, we could leave our bags in the room and enjoy the bike, unloaded.
Woo hoo!

But, first - breakfast.
As we were leaving our room, I noticed a pickup across the parking lot...

What the...?!

That thing looked just like Bill Murray in Zombieland.

Why would someone have a zombie in their truck?

Itís not like this was Halloween - it was August.
Thereís no carpool lane in Christmas Valley...
Very weird.

I spent some time playing with this friendly kitty.
She reminded me of Mr. Purr.
Pretty eyes!

OK, breakfast.

Unfortunately, the power was out.
All they had was coffee, old donuts, and some fruit salad.

heh, Sweet Cheeks.

Shoot! I forgot to take a photo of the funny side.
Iím pretty sure it was a booty shot.

OK, off to the dunes!

Whew. Weíre in the safety zone.
(you can dance, you can dance. everybody look at your pants)

The dunes were really pretty.

Itís always nice before some jackasses (us) come tear things up.

I wonder who left these footprints?

Deep sand is hard on the bike, especially 2up.
Matt was just going to play around a little bit...

I like the patterns in the sand.

It didnít take long before he was bored.

I guess dunes are more exciting on a little bike.

The shadows were fun.

OK, back on the bike...

Whew, that was deep!

Super soft, too.

I'm always amazed when we can ride this stuff 2up...

Here's some video - Matt in the dunes, and then our ride back out to the road.
HD for the sand!

More cute footprints. I tried to zoom in.
Who made these?

Looking back at our dust.

From here, we were going to a nice OHV trail in the Lost Forest...

Fun stuff, coming up!

How do you know this report is almost over?

I'm almost out of Mameshiba videos...

Poor natto bean!
That bitch!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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