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Originally Posted by Beater View Post
When I started this quest ... that's where I landed (a monolever R80RT). However, If I had to do it again, I would find a dual shock R80 or R65. Why you ask?

1. The dual shocks have THE WORLD of final drive choices. With the mono, you have three.
2. A R65 can be had CHEAP. I've ridden an R65 which was very close to the output of an R80. Plenty of fun in the woods, and if you keep the RPM's up it was enough on the highway.
3. You can still do the big forks up front, and extending the swingarm has the same issues as a mono.
4. Don't plan on 'selling the RT faring' for a quick $300. Nobody wants them anymore.

You will not find a G/S cheap. That's the fact, and if you did it would cost a large sum to make right. The RS's are typically more money than the RT's. The GS's are getting more rare, and you have to lengthen a monolever swingarm on those just so it fits correctly. Stephen Botcher did it ... and you need to read his page.

Here's his diatribe on extending a swingarm (and parelever->monolever conversion):

At the end of the day I would recommend several things:

1. Don't mess with the geometry of the frame. Let a pro do that. The frames geometry is perfect for the weekend warrior. If you want a race bike, buy a KTM.
2. Buy 'complete' parts. I was able to buy the complete front end of a DRZ400. I didn't have to cobble together brakes rotors, master cyclinders, wheels, axles, mounts ... etc.
3. Make it work first. Don't get all neurotic about the 'perfect seat' ... find a board and tape a towel to it, and go on a ride. The longer you spend 'off' the bike' ... and not riding it ... increases the chances you won't finish it.
4. Do ONE project at a time. Do the forks. Finish the forks. Ride it for a few days. Work out the carbs. Finish the carbs ... Ride it for a few days ... etc.

Good luck
THANKS FOR THE KILLER INFO! I found the stephen bottcher site today. awesome info there! your build is sweet too. im def going with a 100 (1000) because i want the extra umph for long loaded highway runs. a large bore carb and head 1000, and i have a few to choose from at work. i def dont want to mess with frame geometry, im just trying to see what the difference in rake is, so i can get as close to the GS as possible with tripple clamps, or ill do like you did and use DR or DRZ forks. good call on the complete bits!

Originally Posted by boxerkuh View Post
There is a difference. I own one of each.

Monolever are single swing arm airheads from the late 80 all the way through 95. They came in R, RT and RS configuration. With the introduction of the 92 R100R and GS came the Paralever rear end, which were fore runners to the 1100 series. The only Paralever design bikes in airheads are the R and GS, the RT remained a monolever. The best way to see the difference is in color and external size. Monolever's were black, Paralever's were silver. Monolever's are much skinnier when compared to a paralever. There are also mechanical differences between the two. Monolevers have oil, paralevers are dry; in addition you can mate different rear ends to the monolever, but that is not available for paralevers.

Hope that makes sense.

1986 R 80RS (monolever)
1992 R 100 R UK model (paralever)
thanks sir! im thinking ill just buy an extended monolever then, or build one! my question is, if i extend the monolever, how do i extend the shaft whilest keep it balanced, or does it have enough slip (im assuming there is slip... haha)

Originally Posted by bikerfish View Post
I'll second not adapting a paralever. I have both traditional shaft and paralever boxers, the paralever assy is heavy, the u-joints fragile, and the pivot bearings need attention and service. not worth it for me. I'd stick with a traditional shaft assy, change the lube once in a while and forget about it!
thanks!! yeah, im def going to stick with the mono shock, mono lever. maybe a dual shock if i get a good deal, then but better shocks/springs on it.

anyone else have any suggestions? for i start putting parts together?!
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